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Official The Maze Runner movie poster.

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agents of sassy » coulson edition

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Let’s give a special thanks to Guillermo Del Toro for giving us a kinky gothic film with Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hiddleston.

Thank You. Seriously. Thanks.

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I wish I could trust you

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Books and movies ruin my life.

The gospel of Loki - Joanne Harris

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Teen Wolf

Food & Hiddles

Captain America - TWS
TMR movie
Star Wars VII

“He suddenly opened his eyes. He was locked in a dark room where nothing let seem, not even a trace of sunny spell. He straightened up, inhaling and exhaling with great blows, his hands trembled, but to know whether if it was due to cold or his terrible nightmare. The darkness of the room shared between illusion and reality. He wrapped his hands against his face and rubbed his forehead in a circular motion.” _ © Myriam.